Friday, January 24, 2014

chasing the sun

Where to start... Where to start... it's been a while, oh not a while, rather, it's been a veeerryyy looooong time since I last updated this blog so I somehow forgot how to start this thing. mmm.. yeah right. Greetings! Hi there! Thank you so much for wasting your time, again, by browsing my blog hahahaha I know you miss me and I miss you big time too! Let’s not be sentimental here, instead, we should rejoice! Whooot! Finally after 59890 years of long wait I finally had the urge to blog again. Are you wondering why I’m pushing thru with my blog? Don’t you worry coz’ I’ll tell you guys why.
I have gone through many things the past few months. Nonetheless, I make sure you guys will be updated through this post and the succeeding ones. We'll take this Stephanie-by-stephanie or step-by-step rather LOL (gosh my weirdness in blogging never changed) First, I’m sure many of you have been wondering what I look like now that I'm a mother. Speculations that I’ve become a “Moma Whale” is … a BIG HOAX! Well, this is to give you a glimpse of the new me. MILF! Hahaha Just in case you don’t know the meaning of MILF, just disregard that word (R-18)
Of course all of you have been wondering what I’m really up to right now and why am I so busy that I never updated this blog for 59890 years? Well to tell you the truth, I lost track updating because I was chasing the sun and I can’t seem to get near it! Just kidding. I was building something. Something only I, myself, could construct. MY DREAMS. (Singing ala Adele: should I give up? Or should I just keep chasing pavements? hahaha) I’ve always believed that the first step is the hardest step, you know why? Because you can’t just land a step anywhere you want. You don’t want your foot to land on a crap! You should land it on a SOLID stairs, a staircase that will lead you to somewhere you really wished to be in at the end. It’s the hardest step because when you think of what you want, you have so many things in mind and you can’t even think of the best dream you ever wanted for yourself. But hey, here’s what I have to tell you. PAUSE for a while. CLOSE your eyes. THINK of yourself. FEEL your heart’s desire. BREATHE in the positivity. EXHALE the bad vibes away. OPEN your eyes. DO IT! JUST DO IT!
I know what you’re thinking right now. What if bla bla bla. How about my dad or mom? Here’s my question for you. Who are you living for? (ASIDE OF COURSE IF YOU BELIEVE IN GOD). Are you living for your parents’ wants? Or other people’s expectations? HELL NO! You get to live once and you should make the most out of it. Live a life the way you want it to be! Live a life full of happiness not regrets. LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFE. Always bear that in mind. I would like you to do this. Each day imagine a little bird on their shoulder, and they ask your birdie, “If I do this, will this lead me to a life the way I dreamed of it?” If you do that, you will never go wrong. One day, you will be amazed you are on the right track, the track that leads you to your own definition of success, whatever form it may be.
Was that kinda heavy to ingest? I think that’s rather something you need to ponder on for the night. I hope somehow, in my comeback, I inspired you. Some people advised me to make my blog post shorter since I usually have long blog posts. I told myself, I won’t do that! I’d rather make long blog posts that might serve as an inspiration or simply touch someone in any form than stealing time from others without even touching their lives. I don’t know what you’re going through right now, but I hope you are on the right track. I hope you, too, are busy. Busy fulfilling a life you dreamed of having. So I guess I need to end this post. I can now smell my yummy cupcakes in the oven. Need to get them out! Till my next posts.

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Thursday, September 05, 2013

every girl wants to be a princess in her own fairy tale story

Hi guys! It's been a while and I miss you big time! I'm back...AGAIN... and I'm not doing an outfit post today (maybe on my next blog entry). These past few months have been really very heartbreaking for many of my friends. So, I decided to write something about my stand regarding LOVE. This post, as a woman (am I a woman? oh yes. i gave birth months ago. so I'm a woman. Kidding lol), will be for my fellow Ladies out there. Gents, you can still read and get some ideas on how to treat your partners. Hey! I'm no expert in this field but I think my ideas are worth sharing. 
PS: Not everything I will say is based on my own experience. I'm going to spare my very own love life here. LOL enjoy reading!

"LOVE" is a very broad word that leads to hundreds of different doors. If asked to define, honestly, I think I need a week or two to really think of the right words to properly give its meaning without murdering the word itself!  Well, I assume you girls already know what it means? You may define it different from others but I know the feeling, that wonderful feeling is the same with the rest. So let's take it from there, okay? 

Almost every girl around this planet, regardless of age, race or whatever differences we have, dreams of meeting her prince charming someday. Isn't it nice to wake up next to someone who will kiss you despite your morning breath? Or perhaps tell you you're the most beautiful woman in his eyes the moment you wake up (with your haggard morning look). A man who would never give up on you despite those over-used "blame it to my hormones" reason. A brave man who would face your parents without fear and tell them how much he loves you. A perfect man who would kiss you on your forehead and tell you every day that he is the luckiest man to have you in his life. That Mr. Right who would hold on your hand and never let go until it finally wrinkles. But hey! Is this man still alive today?

Finding that man we describe a while ago is nearly impossible today. I said NEARLY. Just nearly and not totally. Yes! I still believe there is this man out there for you. He might be just a little bit busy preparing himself for your future. The thing here is, "Mr. Prince Charming" still exist today. So what now? Ladies, we must learn to set that STANDARD and hold on to it no matter what happens. If you really want to be with someone who will never leave you all throughout the years then in the first place set the standard. A boy will try to persuade you but it takes Mr. Right to strive harder than the rest and wait for you, no matter how long, just to hear that beautiful YES! If you set your standards high, others who are not worthy enough will get tired amidst their venture and vanish. And those who are worthy will stand and continue to climb higher just to be with you. 

If you're currently in a relationship that's not an assurance already that that man is Mr. Prince Charming. If he passed "the test" then one point for him, but it doesn't end there. He needs thousands of points to prove to you that he really is Mr. P.C. Let me make this short. If you're not happy with him or if you cannot see a future with him then tell him and make a decision to end that relationship. It may sound rude but hey there's no sense in making the relationship last longer if in the first place one is not happy. It basically defeats one important purpose in love and that is to make your partner happy for the rest of her life. Also, if you decide to do it, then it's actually an early prevention for something like third-party issues or things alike. It'll be very devastating to know if your partner is dating with someone while he's still into you. You don't want to be caught up in a situation where he calls you babe instead of honey. Or worse, greet you happy anniversary when it's not your special anniv day.

Now, if you're in a state of being single AGAIN, because of a fake Mr. P.C., don't you worry! As long as you believe that the real Mr. P.C. exist then no problem. I always use what I learned in the book "The Secret by: Rhonda Byrne", think without a doubt of the things you want to happen and it will happen. Remember ladies, our mind is the most powerful organ we have. It can control anything so use it to attract Mr. P.C! After a breakup, allow yourself to go on to the grieving process and after that, MOVE ON! If you want to be happy, move on. You may say that you can't because you still love that fake Mr. P.C, but I assure you a day will come and you'll realize that you deserve someone better, the real Mr. P.C and not a parody. Well, having a past relationship with someone will ALWAYS teach you something and will lead you to a better you. So don't dwell too much in the past, it's really a waste of time. TRUST ME, it's a waste of time. Move on. Walk straight ahead. Learn from the past and use it to strengthen your future. Who knows the next minute you may bump in Mr. P.C.! 

Love knows no time. It may come late or even too soon! Never mind that three month rule. Sorry but I'm not sorry. I mean it. Ladies, don't care what others will tell you. As long as you know you're not doing something fishy or stepping on someone else' life, go on. What others will say should not affect you. ALL OF US will be judged by people, just don't give a shit! Besides, it's that Mr. P.C you're going to deal with for the rest of your life and you don't need everyone's go signal for that. Be open for dating. Date all you can. That's the advantage for us girls; we can date all we want. There's nothing wrong with dating unless you exceed to the boundaries of it. Trust your female instincts. It works most of the time!

So there you go, I hope it helped you. Share your love concerns in the comment box below and I'll try to give a quick response to all of you. 


Monday, July 01, 2013

fashion + motherhood

Hi guys! It has been a while since I'm away but here's the good news, THE GLITTERATI IS BACK AGAIN and she's ready to pull out another look! To those who don't know yet, I just gave birth about a month ago, 41 days way back to be exact. Other women who gave birth to lovely angels tend to forget themselves in the middle of their motherhood career. I have nothing against taking care of their babies all the time but what bothers me a lot is that most of them tend not to be mindful of themselves anymore. Contrary to what others believe, I say that fashion and motherhood can go together at the same time. It's just like adding up another subject in college where you exert an additional effort for you to pass. So to all moms out there, don't forget to take good care of yourself in the middle of taking care of your little ones! Proud mom here. Anyway, I will no longer take much of your time. I may be a little bit late on updating you, nevertheless here it is.  


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top Ten Health Benefits Walking Provides Your Pet

everyone knows that a daily exercise is good for our health but little did others know that it's also good for our dogs. Others may find it an additional load in their backs but this responsibility is included in taking care of our beloved dogs. I think it's better if one would treat this exercise an activity that both of you can enjoy and bond. Now here are ten health benefits i got from petMD that you can provide to your dog just by walking it regularly.

1. Helps Keep Pets Healthy
This one is a no-brainer. Exercise is good for us all. It provides many health benefits that include keeping your pet healthy, agile, and limber.

tips on how to successfully bathe your dogs

In general, dogs bathing experience might turn out to be a nightmare. Often times you end up to be more soaked than your pup! Why do you think these things happen? I believe all dog lovers out there wished to have a successful bathing experience for their little one. Now, here are some of my tips that will guide you to meet your goal.

1. Having a Positive Attitude is Key
Believe it or not, it has more to do with us, pet owners, than it does to our dogs. According to Ceasar Millan "The Dog Whisperer", the attitude we feel will be passed on to our dogs. If, for instance, we feel badly about our dog having to tolerate a bath, that negative attitude of ours, even though kept within our selves, will transcend into our dogs and they will end up feeling the same way. So before anything else, condition your mind and believe that you'll have a successful bathing sesh with your dog. You might as well start bathing your dog in his early stages of life so that he'll get used to it and it would be easier as your pup gets old.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

meet TOFFEE!

Hey there! Meet TOFFEE! The cutest, smartest, and most adorable dog there is! 
ALPO Philippines launches one of the cutest webisodes to date, which will introduce its newest little ambassador, TOFFEE!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

love and sperm

Ni hao! Before anything else I wanna extend my gratitude to each one of you for keeping my leg up. You've shown me much of your support through reading and sharing my come back blog post. The flourishing page views that I'm successively receiving is wholeheartedly mind-boggling! It whips me to dish out more things with you. And with that, my supposed to be "private love life" will no longer be 100% private, since I'm going to share some secrets.

By the way, I have been hearing rants from some of my friends since a lot of queen bees have been trying to suck in something and roast them with questions only me can extensively answer. But since you guys have been so good to me, you won't have to be like one of those "queen bees". This blog post is all about the thought-provoking love I found that's not in the card.

"Who is the sperm donor?" - is the hottest and most intriguing question every queen bee is asking. I'm not here to burn someone else's ass in the lime light. I'm here to share SOME things which I think is fair to share. (OUCH! I think a bee is trying to sting my butt to pop out the answer! I will. I will.) You know guys, every single day of this journey, prayers never escaped out of the two lobes of my brain. I religiously whisper my thoughts to God so He could help me with the things I'm confronted with. In the beginning, I heard nothing. He remained silent. I waited some time for His answers till I finally have one. It's Him. God. The answer is God. This baby is a gift sent from heaven. The moment I found out I was pregnant was also the time I found out I had right ovarian tumor which was disturbingly huge and needs to be removed immediately. When the tumor was finally out of my body, I realized that the conception was really magical and it was beyond doubt intended. So now, with only one ovary left and a chance for a tumor regrowth on the other, I have lesser chances of having a baby again. What do you think happened to me? Now, do you agree that it's a blessing? It truly is. I know everything has a purpose. I believe he just used someone else's sperm for this to happen but the bottom line is, it's still from Him. He has better plans for me and for all of us.
Photographer: Sharla Raye Billena / Editor: Twinkle Diya